Some notes about the molex pages below.

  1. We do not actually use Molex connectors but we are supplied by a Korean vendor who produces connectors according to the Molex standard. These links will be more useful to internationals in helping them find a mating part that works for them.
  2. The images on each page are representative of the series of connectors. Each series usually has a variety of connectors with a different number of pins. As a result, the pictures on some of the pages below may seem as though they have the incorrect number of pins, but do not worry about this – they are the correct links. Note that you can jump to different connectors in the series via the second part of their identification number (e.g. 43045-0224 for the 2-pin, 43045-0424 for the 4-pin).
  3. If some linked connectors are listed as obsolete on the molex website, don’t worry. The connector you are exactly requiring are those you can find under the ‘Mates with Parts’ link on each page. If these however should become obsolete as well, please let us know via email.


  • 5V@1A Molex PN : 43650-0218 – for custom boards
  • 12V@1.5A : Molex PN : 43045-0224 – specially supporting the kinect
  • 12V@5A : Molex PN : 3929-9023- for high powered accessories (e.g. robotic arm)
  • 19V@2A : Molex PN : 3928-9068 – for recharging netbooks



Note, if you click on the preceding links for the power connectors, under the heading Mates with Part(s) you can find the compatible connector to use with each power source. The most important one being of course:

IO Port

DB25 pin D-SUB Female connector that provides the following functionality[PDF].


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