Gyro Details


  • 3-Axis Digital Gyroscope
  • Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
  • Part Name : L3G4200D
  • Measurement Range: ±250 deg/s
  • Yaw axis is factory calibrated within the range of ±20 deg/s to ±100 deg/s


  • In-Place Rotation Test


This graph shows the average heading error per revolution of gyro, when robot rotates with a given velocity.

  • Square Path Test


This graph shows the position error of fused odometry with gyro, when robot moves along a square path. Robot moved with 0.1 m/s on the line segment and rotated with 30 deg/s on the corner.

Number of turns of square path Angular Error [deg]
0.5 0.47
1.5 1.99
2.5 3.18

This table shows the calculated angular error, when robot arrived at the diagonally opposite corner from the starting point(0.0, 0.0).


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